A manifesto is an important thing because it can stipulate what you stand for and what your goals are. You declare what you want to change in the world and how people could benefit from it. If a manifesto is well writing people will have a clear understanding what you stand for, it is a document that that can go down in the history and people from another century can also read it and be impacted by it to change lives and what we stand for in life.

Reading the two Manifestos “An incomplete manifesto for growth” and “First Things First” I found that the growth manifesto was a lot easier to read because it is set out in point form. It was also interesting to read because it tells you how you can grow to be a better person in live. The manifesto “First Things First” was not as easy to read but I think that it was a far more intriguing manifesto because it is very close to home. They say that we should take the skill that we have developed and use it for better causes and not just advertising, product marketing and branding. They believe that we are so much more worth than that. In this manifesto they declare that they are going to start working on this to give their skills and experience to causes such as education, charity and social and cultural crisis’s.

I found another manifesto that was written by Jim Davies and it is about copywriting in design. In this manifesto the Davies has set out twelve points that designers should keep in mind when they are writing in design. The first point is quite true we are all different and we all have a different skill set or some of us might be better is something then others are and vice versa. He wrote that you should visualize how to text will look with the image and what typeface you will use. It is important how it looks as a whole and if it does look like a whole. You should also remember that you should always be yourself, he believes that if a designer is asked to design something it was because of who the designer is and what they can bring to the design. What’s also interesting about the manifesto is the hard advice that they give you, advice that you do not necessarily want to hear like to take critique because you can learn from it and don’t take it personally when someone does not want to use it. I think for a young designer or just starting out it would be interesting to read because you can learn from it and some of it might be thing that on one ever told you (A manifesto on writing for design).

Why the trouble of writing a manifesto? Why would it be important for you to write and publish a manifesto? When you write and publish a manifesto it is a verbal declaration that you make. It declares what the intentions, motives and views are of a person or group and the group could also include a political party of a government. The nature of a manifesto is usually artistic or political and it carries out the beliefs that the writer or writers have on changes that should be made (Wikipedia).

According to Redding a manifesto is intended to shock, inspire or even offend you. In the art world there is a few movements they each wrote their own manifestos to declare to the public what they want to achieve and what they stand for and what they wanted to change. These movements include Futurism, Dada and Surrealism to name but a few (Redding, 2010).


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