Contemporary Brands

Contemporary brands that I admire and desire is Tommy Girl, Coca-Cola and Nivea, this is also brands that I use personally.  I wanted to talk about not just a brand that is out here in between the millions of other brand which you can choose from and know nothing about.  I wanted take something that is a little more closer to home and something that you know how it smells, taste and all the other senses that you use when you use a specific brand.

Tommy Hilfiger (Tommy Girl)

Before I just focus on one part of the vastness of the brand I want to talk about the whole Tommy Hilfiger brand.  The Tommy Hilfiger brand is a leading lifestyle brand that want to deliver high on quality and beautifully designed products which stretches from clothing to accessories, fragrances and home furnishes.   The logo is world wide recognizable and is known for high quality, American style with a classic and cool twist.  Their target market is 25 to 45 year old costumers.

I find tommy girl perfume as a very interesting product, it has a floral like fruity smell and it is a perfume that you can wear to more casual dining and cocktails.  When you wear the perfume its feels as if you going out to have fun not matter what lies ahead in your day, I find it to be a perfume that can definitely lift your spirits and it feels as a young person that you can have a great day and you can achieve what is wanted from you.  I found that they said it is a product that you where is your twenties but is not really designed for someone that is older.  However some people from the public that this is not really true because they still want to wear is even in their forties.  I believe that this is where the ideal comes in that when you are older they aspire to be in the ages in  which it is marketed for.  It is said that the white colour reflects the purity, sincerity and innocents.  The public also said that the scent is quite long lasting which I personally know to be true.

Also when you look at the Advertisements of the product, it caries the ideal of young, living free, innocent and sincere.  His first fashion collection was launched is 1985 and I think that the company definitely tries to keep that 1980’s feel to their brand.

I would not want to change a successful image such as Tommy Hilfiger it is a well known brand and you don’t want to really change something that works.  because I specifically spook about the perfume I would say that they could market it to older women maybe use older models with who an older woman could connect but then if you think about it again it is a 1980’s feel that they have to the brand and if a woman was in her teens and / or twenties they could connect to the younger model through their memories and they would simply buy the product because they aspire to be young again,to feel as they felt when they were young and maybe used the product.  A lot od members from the public agrees with this ideal, they simply use the product because of their young life memories.


Coca-cola is most probably one of the most well known brands world wide. Coca-Cola, a beverage company, was created in 1886 the 8 of May in Atlanta Goergia and they desribed it as ‘delicious and refreshing’ and not much has really hanged since then.  The Coca-Cola Company owns and licenses more that five hundred nonacoholic beverages.  The contour or glass bottle goes back to 1915 and is also one of the most recognizable packagings today.  It is said that Coca-cola is ‘happieness in a bottle’ and brings out the best in people.

The company stay consistend in their design and image, forinstans for the last 100 years the logo has stayed quite the same.  In my opinion this is way the brand is so recognisible is because they stay consistant and if they want to do something new it woudl most probably be designed is such a manner that it fits in with the rest of the image.

The Colour of the cmopany has also remaind the same red, white and black.

I think what the company market the brand as is comes through succesfully because it is about having good times with friends and family when you are with friends of family you would most probably or most people would buy a Coca-Cola of Coca-Cola brand because everyone will drink it even if they only take one glass.


Personally, in my opinion Nivea is one of the best skin care products that we have.  The Nivea company has been around for more the 125 years and  is one of the international leading companies and offer their consumers innovative products of skin care and beauty.  the company has built a strong product line and can be categorized under bath care, body care, lip care and products for men.


As already mentioned their product is about soft silky skin, having a skin that glows and looks healthy.  In their adverts you can see that they are all about skin care and that it is important to look after it and in my opinion they have that underlining matter that if you use their products then you would also appear more attractive with this smooth soft skin that you have.



I think that they are a quite successful brand and they achieve what they want to achieve, meaning that they are for skin care for the last 125 years.