Summary of Thematising the ugly side of sublime technological development: Sonzero’s Pulse (2006) as an inadvertent critique of the ‘technocentrism’ of postmodetnity [By Inge Konkik]

When I first started to read this article I found myself to be extremely confused and boggled by what the article really was about, but after you have finished reading the article and watching the film “Pulse” you soon start to understand what the writer of the article is trying to get across.

I only watched the clip of the movie and read what the story is about and I found that rather horrific on its own. The film is about the paranormal that got a “frequency” that the ghosts use to access the realm of humans and these ghosts want what the humans have, “live”. Josh, one of the characters in the story, is a programmer and found the “frequencies” that none of them knew about. Later on in the story he commits suicide because the ghost gained access to his personal computer as well as to Josh himself, they stole his soul so that he no longer feels like himself and toke his own live because he did not see the reason for living any longer. As the movie progresses you learn that the humans can not stop these ghosts and the one that does try to do so will regret in doing so. Close to the end of the story the US military announced on the radio that there are “safe zones” that people can go to that is isolated of all technology and before they go they need to leave all technology (like cellphones, PDA’s and laptops) behind. This movie is based on fiction and imagination.

Konik states that Lyotard’s explains and defines postmodernism as a distrust of metanarratives and in the era that we find ourselves today, it is usually understood that a declining in credibility has occurred towards noble accounts of modernity. The writer took a movie to illustrate what is going on around us in the postmodern era, Capitalist Technoscience. The capitalists are taking over our world through the means of cultural products which happens to be technology. All our information is out there in the world and how can we even think that we are safe if it is possible for anyone to access it. We as people are also bombarded by information and imagery through the use of technology and that most certainly has an impact on us.

Looking at modernity there are two important aspects “justice” and “truth” but in postmodernism no care is shown towards both these aspects. Postmodernism is all about your “performance”, “efficiency” and the success that you can achieve – all of this is done through the use of technology. However technology is no longer seen as a development of progress, technology now follows its own accord and does no longer depend on us its creators. Thus technology has a negative impact on the human race and it dehumanizes aspects in our lives that technology should not play a part in, like they illustrate in the story where two of the characters are at a club and the boy asks the girl to dance through a text message where he should have asked face to face.

People seek for pleasure in meaningless objects and at the end of the day you have no satisfaction.   Slowly losing their souls the humans does not release what is truly going on as they are enslaved by technology and is losing their humanity, they have no love and no live – which person can truly thrive in a lifestyle like this. Capitalist taking over our lives and the way we live.


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