Conceptual Design

Conceptual design is taking a problem that is in the world or in you city and you give that problem or people a voice through design.  I found three interesting example, one of the examples is about woman abuse, the second about rhino pouching and the third about alcohol abuse.  I think that all of these ad campaigns are important because it gives a voice to the victims that suffer and it also shows people what is really happening in their country.

The Campaign about saving the Rhinos

We live in South Africa and it is a country that has a rich animal diversity however there is one animal that has been suffering for the last few years.  The campaign that they lunched for saving the Rhinos is a campaign which I which we can see more of because we need to save the species and if we don’t who will.  I always ask the question what about ten years from now will people be able to see the in real life or are they just going to be a memory and in photographs.  In the one poster the show the small rhino running next to an illusion of its mother but she was most probably slaughtered for her horn and now this small animal is out in the wilderness alone with no one to teach him or her how things work in life.

Blaine, S. 2013. SA, Vietnamese NGOs launch joint rhino campaign. Available: [Assessed on 4 April 2014]

The campaign about alcohol abuse

This campaign is about alcohol abuse during pregnancy.  I think that they went about an interesting way the show how bad the use of alcohol is when a woman is pregnant in each poster they show a person that  got the raw deal in life.  It is now up to the viewer to put his or his own meaning to it some might think that it is the pain that they child will go through in life because it can happen that they will not enter into the world normal, I think its a nice way to get people to connect on an emotional level because they do not know or understand how it feels if a child is like that.  Others might think that this is how the baby will end up when they are grown ups.  according to the website 35 % of people whose mother drank while they were pregnant will end up abuse drags, 50% have risky sexual behavior and 60 % end up being criminals.

FASD Prevention in South Africa. 2011.Available: [Assessed on 4 April 2014]

The campaign about woman abuse

This campaign they did using billboards and boards on the side of the street that you would drive past every day.  It is a good platform that they used to get the message across because it is something that everyone will see because every one has to go to work or drive around getting items that they need.  They only made use of typography in this campaign, whit that copywriting also plays an important role.  they thought out a sentence and then the words a placed strategically which then can form a other word vertically just like a cross word pulse.  The words that they use are all words that mimics sound and movement to express fighting.  they only made use of three colours which is black res and white.

Nu Venture Media partners Salvation Army’s fight against women & child abuse. Available: [Assessed on 4 April 2014]









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